Criska Buisiness Consulting Pvt Ltd

Research Focus

CRISKA’s research focus is on the following:
  • Customized Research.
  • Syndicated Research.
  • Ad Hoc Research.
  • Desk Research (Sector Specific Reports).

Customized research is a research focused on specific research requirements of a particular client. Research solutions and conclusions are unique for the client.

Syndicated Research is a research where the findings and costs of a research project are shared partially or fully among numerous clients. The research issues/ objectives are common for a group of clients. Accordingly the research solutions and conclusions are common in nature (or confidential to a set of clients).

Ad Hoc Research is specifically designed to address a particular cause or event or problem or issue, which happened or going to happen in a particular time/period.

Desk Research is the systematic examination & compilation of all available secondary data in the context of a particular industry sector or research objective under study.

Research Approach

Qualitative and Quantitative research approaches are followed in the execution of projects:

Qualitative Research is to gather qualitative insights for the research through detailed probing the existing/prospective customer on behaviour, attitude, perceptions, interest on the particular product or service or concept or idea, under study.

Quantitative Research is to gather quantitative details to understand how a product or service is perceived or used, through statistically valid samples.

Services Offerings
  • Advertising & Promotion Research.
  • Brand equity and measurement.
  • Brand health and image tracking.
  • Churn analysis.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Concept testing & product testing.
  • Consumer behaviour & perception.
  • Consumer profiling.
  • Content Analysis.
  • Corporate image studies.
  • Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty assessment.
  • Dip-Stick Studies.
  • Feasibility Research (Technical & Economic).
  • Impact assessment studies.
  • Institutional SWOT analysis.
  • Location mapping and expansion study (Location Profile Studies).
  • Market Entry Strategies.
  • Market Share Analysis.
  • Market Potential/Assessment (Forecasting & Estimation) Studies.
  • Market Segmentation Analysis.
  • Media Research.
  • Need Gap analysis.
  • New product development.
  • Operational risk analysis.
  • Political opinion polls.
  • Pre-post advertisement testing.
  • Pre-Post Product Launch Test.
  • Price sensitivity analysis.
  • Promotion/Scheme Monitor.
  • Readership surveys.
  • Retail audit (Retail outlets and multi-brand outlets).
  • Risk identification and mitigation strategies.
  • Rural development project planning and monitoring.
  • Rural market mapping and market information systems.
  • Sales Force Effectiveness.
  • Socio-Economic Surveys (Social and economic profiling at national, state, district and sub-district levels).
  • Supply Chain Effectiveness Studies.
  • Tracking Studies.
  • Urban development project planning and monitoring.
  • Usage & Attitude Survey.

Methods: Data Collection
  • Primary Research
  • Face-to-Face/Personal Interview.
  • Telephonic Interview.
  • Online/internet based surveys.
  • Mailer surveys.
  • Focus Group Discussions (FGD).
  • In-Depth-Interviews (IDI).
  • Mystery Shopping.
  • Observational Research Techniques.
  • Secondary Research
  • Journals & Magazines.
  • Publications, Newsletters & News dailies.
  • Internet.
  • Statistical publications (Govt. & Private).
  • Electronic Data bases & publications.
  • Industry Associations, Trade Bodies & Chambers of Commerce.