Criska Buisiness Consulting Pvt Ltd

Software Product Development:

CRISKA ideates, designs, builds, ports, deploys, supports and quality assures software products for ISVs

CRISKA assist ISVs to reduce their cost of software product development dramatically while keeping a control on the product architecture, intellectual property, improving time to market, and knowledge retention through dedicated project teams. CRISKA is a leading outsourced product development company from India and has focused in this space since inception. Our outsourced product development model delivers high quality, reliable and cost-effective Software Product Lifecycle services to ISVs globally.

CRISKA's Offshore Delivery Model for Software Product Development enables product development companies (a.k.a. independent software vendors (ISV) or software publishers) to reduce their cost of software product development dramatically while keeping control on the product architecture. It also enables easy ramping up and ramping down of product teams based on business priorities.

CRISKA has developed a unique product engineering lab model of partnering with software companies to create a dedicated virtual offshore subsidiary complemented by highly skilled product engineering experts-on-demand. We partner with software companies for world-class product development by aligning technology and competency based domain excellence centers that drive long-term value to our clients through knowledge retention. This offers the best of both worlds; the flexibility of outsourcing combined with the control of a captive subsidiary without the drawbacks of either.


Product Conceptualization: Drive innovation, validate new product ideas, verify and prototype their potential with customers and investors.

Product Development: By combining your products ideas with our delivery capabilities, you can quickly reap time-to-value, offer a more complete product mix and thereby increase your market share and revenue.

Product Localization: Our localization service ensures the software product has capabilities to localize to expanding global user markets. This service enables the product to show the correct dates, times, currency values, decimal numbers, graphic elements, dialog controls, help files, shortcuts, data, to name a few.

Independent Quality Assurance & Testing: Our Independent Test & Verification service improves quality and reliability of our client´s products leading to higher client satisfaction and reduced support costs.

Product Maintenance & Customer Support: Continuing support and maintenance for new, expanding, and retiring product lines help our clients to retain their customers.

Product Migration & Software Porting: Transition client´s products between various platforms and designs helping them enhance their market reach and customer base.

Product Extensions: Identify and quickly extend product functionality, cross platform integration, web, smart, cloud and mobile devices.

Product Enhancements: Increasing the life of a product by adding features to keep it relevant to changing market needs, especially important when customizing the product for large installs/accounts.

Professional Services & Support: Enhancing our professional service offering through a range of product implementation and integration. Also provide product support services including product demo, installation, Customization, and Level 1, 2 and 3 with 24/7/365 support.


CRISKA has been consistently completing projects on time and within budget. Our existing software clients rely on this valuable attribute to mitigate the risk of project overruns.

We replicate our client's infrastructure and combine it with our world-class workforce to ensure rapid realization of benefits for them. Our software product clients leverage our past experience without compromising on confidentiality

100% Transparent: We are 100% transparent to our clients as it should be especially in a Joint-Venture Model. We ensure success through our proven Outsourced Product Development Methodology.

People Culture: We staff the projects with best talent to support our clients´ needs. Our Partnership Model extends our clients culture in the teams and maintains work environment that is committed, intellectually challenging, offers higher energy and empowered teams. This ensures we maintain the same passion in the people for technology they support and maintains domain excellence.

Human Resources Management: Our clients leverage our unique position to minimize their human resources management challenges. CRISKA provides a stable team at our offshore facility for our clients thus saving them the costs of recruiting and retaining top-class talent. We provide continuous training to the teams as requested by our clients.

Intellectual Property Protection: CRISKA maintains complete confidentiality about the work we do for our all our clients. Their intellectual property is protected on all counts and our clients appreciate this.

Quality: CRISKA is a certified private Ltd company, soon to be certified at Level 3. Our quality practices are our way of life, our attitude.

Dedicated Infrastructure: CRISKA's Product Competency Center has dedicated infrastructure in terms of: Replication of hardware and software environment, Secure, Firewalled network and Technology upgrade consistent with client´s roadmap.

Speed-To-Market: Teaming up with us, our software product clients bring out their products much faster than their competition.

Communication: In addition, CRISKA can set up dedicated link lines which facilitate communication through videoconferencing, teleconferencing and of course, email.

In short, we will do everything to make the dedicated offshore team to be a seamless extension of your business.