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Cyber Security

In today’s world, one of the major challenges faced by most organizations is cybersecurity. It is just not the unauthorized access to organizational assets, but is the associated financial and reputational risk with these attacks, which make them affective. 2016 alone was a year with an estimated 556 million cyber-attacks, which translates to 12 attacks every second. Criska’s Security practice helps organizations solve this problem, with several talented professionals that have impeccable experience at various levels.

Criska specializes in providing security services both professional and managed, in the following areas.

  • Identity Management
  • Access Management
  • Federation
  • Mobile Security
  • Cloud Security

Identity management is one of the core challenges, that most of the organizations face. Often poor identity management processes translate to costs, which for instance include the following

  • Prolonged access to organizational resources (Ex: AD, Unix Servers), after termination
  • of an employee, increase the risk of a security breach
  • Time taken for a resource from being hired to being provisioned to organizational
  • resources, such as Active Directory, lead to increased idle time thus cost
  • Inability of employees to perform basic self service operations, such as Password and
  • ID recovery operations lead to elevated Helpdesk costs

Criska has helped several organizations, streamline their identity management processes, by

translating the data put into HR systems directly into automation of the identity lifecycle. The identity management solutions implemented by Criska, have enabled organizations deal effectively with these challenges and thus improved the overall efficiency, reducing risks and associated costs to the organization.

One of the fundamental challenges that many organizations try to resolve, is managing access to their resources. Criska has helped several clients solve this challenge by proposing

solutions, that provide access management to Web, Desktop and Mobile applications, across

platforms such as Java and .NET Our solutions have spanned from simple out of box integration to complex implementations, that involve custom modules, step up, multi factor and context based authentication and access. This has helped our clients immensely increase their security posture, thus greatly enabling their customers and overall business.


Federation and single sign on (SSO) is one of the primary asks, that Criska has helped design

and implement. SSO is one of the critical requirements, which enable organizations to provide a seamless experience to users, in a safe and secure manner. SSO can not only improve the user experience but also alleviates several costs associated with managing different sets of user credentials at various data points, which belong to a single identity. This intern reduces the costs associated with administration and security to be enforced across multiple endpoints and instead drives towards the strategy to centralize security and administration, in the organizations.

As the world has emerged, Mobile has become one of the key tools that individuals leverage today. Its role within the corporate network has been higher than ever before. Many organizations have opened up their policies, to allow BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), which brings in great flexibility but at the same time increases the risk, exponentially. Criska has helped resolve this problem, by designing and deploying solutions, which enforce stringent authentication and access policies around mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets etc.

Criska strongly believes that Cloud has a critical role to play, the way organizations have been evolving. Criska has played a vital role in assisting clients at this pivot, by providing advanced security solutions that helped clients make this journey from on-premise infrastructure to a hybrid cloud environment. Criska’s security expertise involves security solutions provided to applications across IaaS, PaaS and SaaS platforms that include Azure, AWS, Bluemix and Salesforce.

Besides our experience in providing Design, Deployment and Testing, we also offer a strong 24/7 support system, which would effectively support your organization’s security infrastructure and keep safe from the ever emerging threats. Criska is appropriate for organizations that seek highly skilled professionals, for either building or supporting effective security solutions. We pride in providing some of the industry’s most talented resource pool, supporting organizations in maintaining their existing IAM Security solutions and building new ones. Criska has proven skill set and experience with both onsite and blended off shore models to achieve efficient, effective and economical solutions.