Criska Buisiness Consulting Pvt Ltd

Building a comprehensive strategic IT plan that aligns with your organization's business strategy is essential to ensure the success of your department. CRISKA's has extensive experience in developing such plans.

CRISKA's step-by-step approach to Strategic Planning helps you to:
  • Build a strong foundation for IT management.
  • Develop a Comprehensive and Aligned Strategic IT Plan.
  • Create a Collaborative Decision-Making Process.
  • Raise the Profile of IT.

Highlights of the CRISKA's Strategic IT Planning Methodology:
  • Detailed tasks and action steps for each phase of the strategic IT planning process.
  • Learning guides and resources to keep you up-to-speed on the latest issues concerning IT strategy and governance.
  • Interactive tools and templates to help you efficiently complete the required tasks.
  • CRISKA's can help an organization provide business-focused Information Systems that enable and support their mission.

Information management is better able to manage expectations and technology decisions at all levels of the organization. Some of the benefits are:
  • Links objectives of an enterprise with the IS processing resources necessary to support those objectives and vise versa, it ties the corporate objectives to the core competencies and competitive advantages of the corporate IS environment.
  • Positions is to provide the most competitive advantage.
  • Integrates interdepartmental and inter-organization connectivity/ communications (e-business).
  • Produces performance measures of business processes that provide timely, accurate and consistent information to make decisions.
  • Identifies technology resources to enable organizational changes.
  • Controls investments in PCs, networks, Internet/Intranet/Extranet and emerging technologies.
  • Facilitates the transition from technology-focus to customer-focus.
  • Increases profitability, customer retention and return on investment.

CRISKA's Business Analysts and Consultants provide strategic planning in the areas of Systems Analysis & Design, Health Care, Internet, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Supply Chain, Logistics, Business Consulting, Retail and Insurance. We have the experience to bring the abstracts of a business concept together into cohesive logical statements of fact and purpose.

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